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29 August 2011 @ 18:26
add my new livejournal, k? :)



27 August 2011 @ 21:02
i never told a lie and that makes me a liar.Collapse )Everything's comming to an end. 

last batch on this account.

suggestions will be at the new one. I'll post the new one here later.

including; Miley Cyrus One Direction Selena Gomez Demi Lovato

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06 August 2011 @ 18:53

So these days have been quiet fucked. I still don't like the new house. My new neightbours are creeping always into my window. The only good ghings are:
1. I just connected my iPod to the internet.
2. I got registed to Pottermore and now I'm waiting for my Welcome-letter.
3. On monday or tuesday I'll order my new laptop and photoshop! :)
4. On thursday I'll go to a 30 Seconds to Mars concert!!! 

So for the next batch I'll use photoshop. I'll make some Harry Potter and One Direction icons. If you have any other suggestions: tell me!

- L.

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