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06 August 2011 @ 18:53
You're just a daydream away ..  

So these days have been quiet fucked. I still don't like the new house. My new neightbours are creeping always into my window. The only good ghings are:
1. I just connected my iPod to the internet.
2. I got registed to Pottermore and now I'm waiting for my Welcome-letter.
3. On monday or tuesday I'll order my new laptop and photoshop! :)
4. On thursday I'll go to a 30 Seconds to Mars concert!!! 

So for the next batch I'll use photoshop. I'll make some Harry Potter and One Direction icons. If you have any other suggestions: tell me!

- L.

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blueprimroseblueprimrose on 17th August 2011 12:37 (UTC)
i'll make some ;)
Fairytale Nerd ♔ ✔: cm + studiohanson13 on 6th August 2011 20:53 (UTC)
Awww babe i hate creepers. Is there anyway to get them to stop? I am glad there are happy things in there. Hanson & Cameron Mitchell (the glee project). Those are my suggestions. <3
blueprimroseblueprimrose on 17th August 2011 12:39 (UTC)
well, they don't creep that much anymore so ..
i'll make 'em :)
Fairytale Nerd ♔ ✔: th & zh + tough guy facehanson13 on 17th August 2011 23:18 (UTC)
Okay. Their twitter pics are hilarious! @hansonmusic if you need to know. And i am glad they don't creep much anymore. :) I made a couple twitter names but i haven't decided on one lol, but i do need to know your's just in case i do make my mind up.
blueprimroseblueprimrose on 20th August 2011 12:36 (UTC)
ok :D mine is @AdmirePayner :) <3
Fairytale Nerd ♔ ✔: i'm no superman.hanson13 on 21st August 2011 02:20 (UTC)
Okay will add when i choose! If i can't i'll let you help. :)
Fairytale Nerd ♔ ✔: random rainbowhanson13 on 21st August 2011 08:36 (UTC)
I just followed you by my public twitter for now, i just can't make up my mind. :) Lol. @missashleewhite